The Corrugated Case Co. Ltd Coronavirus
( Covid-19 ) Update


Dear Customer, Supplier, Partner and interested or related parties,

Following yesterdays announcement by the Prime Minister and his advisers we at CCC have moved to the next phase of our risk assessment and planning against the ongoing threat of the corona virus.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the virus and the undoubted disruption it will cause we believe that we have the necessary plans in place to maintain continuity of supply and service to our customers albeit if we were to be badly affected by the virus then there may be slightly longer lead times and communications could possibly be a little slower than would be the norm and in that regard we would ask for your patience and understanding.

We have plans in place which we will be able to execute from mid-week commencing 16th March that will mean virtually all our office based staff can work from home with the same access to systems and communications both internally and externally and for those few roles that require an on site presence we are busy training and multi skilling a number of people to ensure that these roles too can be maintained.

On the manufacturing front for the last two weeks and the coming week we have combined our day shift and afternoon shifts together to allow us to increase and fast forward our training and to widen our multi skilled workforce to ensure that we are able to maintain productivity across all our various production processes. We are VERY confident that with the measures we have taken we will be able to maintain full production even with up to 30% of our full time production staff off at any one time. We are happy to share with you the measures we have taken and put in place if you feel that you need this assurance.

We are in constant communication with our staff and suppliers in order to be as proactive as possible and we are doing everything we can whilst they are on our site to protect them be that with the latest information or the more practical issues like wipes, gels, hand towels, increased cleaning and maintenance schedules and ‘social ‘ distancing of staff who share duties.

Our business is profitable and financially sound but felt it prudent to seek the support and assurances of our banking and financial partners to ensure that they will support us in the event of any cash flow situation that might occur through no fault of our own during this period, both have stated unequivocally that they will provide that support.

We will be holding a company wide meeting on Monday 16th March to discuss the foregoing so from Tuesday onwards please feel free to speak or email your normal point of contact if you have any questions, prior to that I will be happy to help should you need it.

As always thank you for your continued support it is ALWAYS appreciated.

Tony Hession

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