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E-commerce — or as we typically know it, ‘online shopping’ — has become a big part of our commercial culture. 25 years ago, the concept of being able to buy anything you want with a click of a button was a pipe dream for many. Whereas most shop owners would have called it a logistical nightmare, Jeff Bezos came along with his online book store and the rest is history. Amazon has not only made Mr. Bezos the richest man in the world, but has also enabled people across the globe to order almost anything from the comfort of their own home.

We wanted to highlight one the most overlooked items that makes all of this logistical wizardry possible. From confirming your order online to the fulfilment centres completing the order ready for delivery, most customers forget that the simple corrugated cardboard packaging allows safe and sustainable transportation of these products to their final destination.

Brand identity and customer experience

Brands are now using the opportunity to showcase their brand identity within all aspects of their business. This includes the integration of their branding onto packaging materials. It’s this consistent level of brand communication that makes businesses more recognisable, making sure their products and services are always in the minds of customers and target audiences.

Flexography, a type of rotary in-line printing method used within the packaging industry, enables brands to display their branding on the face of their corrugated packaging in higher volumes than first originally imagined. This ability to customise and personalise corrugated packaging means that lead times decrease, quality can be more carefully controlled and high-volume orders can be fulfilled in a fraction of the time.

It also means businesses are able to enhance the experience of their customers through innovative and engaging packaging solutions — solutions that reinforce marketing communications while safeguarding contents during transportation. This level of attention to detail not only helps businesses stand out from competitors, it also fosters brand loyalty and encourages repeat business.

Increasing demand and performance requirements

While traditional commerce in some sectors could be seen as steadily on the decline, e-commerce only continues to grow. According to figures provided by Digital Commerce 360, the value of e-commerce sales in Europe alone is set to have an annual increase of 20% — putting the expected global value $5.5 trillion by 2023.

Just as recent as the last few weeks, retailers worldwide have almost completely shifted focus onto e-commerce amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. And while there are no official numbers as of yet, it’s easy to imagine a dramatic spike in e-commerce deliveries as consumers eschew brick and mortar shops and the demand for essential items continues to soar.

As you can imagine, all this creates a huge demand for effective, sustainable and cost-effective e-commerce packaging, which is precisely where we at the Corrugated Case Company play a crucial role.


It’s said that during transit the average package is handled at least 20 times — more if you’ve missed the delivery! Corrugated e-commerce packaging is extremely durable, which is not only important for protecting goods in transit but also maintaining the integrity of your brand and the level customer service you provide. This is doubly important when providing your customers with a convenient solution for returns without damage or compromise.


As one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, corrugated cardboard is ideal for e-commerce packaging — which is increasingly vital to businesses that are conscious of their own environmental impact. In addition to using board made almost entirely from recycled fibres, packaging produced here at the Corrugated Case Company is 100% recyclable once it’s been used.


Typically, corrugated cardboard is considered to be the least expensive packaging material being used in the e-commerce industry. This is due to its low material costs, versatility and lightweight properties. For any company shipping large volumes, this presents a significant saving opportunity as the number of e-commerce deliveries increases over time.

What CCC offer?

Many of our clients are delighted with the flexographic printing we provide to improve their brand awareness. We have recently invested in brand new state-of-the-art machinery to increase our capabilities to not only print more units but also increase our range of options for what we can print on cardboard. As a result, we're proud to support companies in almost every sector with their E-commerce packaging needs — companies that choose our products because of their high-quality, durability and the short lead-times we provide. To that end, we are continually making efforts to improve our technology and processes, so our customers receive the best quality products at the best possible value for their money.

At the Corrugated Case Company, we are actively working with the critical industries to allow the country to continue to function as normally as it can during these unprecedented times. We are happy to help provide your organisation with the right packaging solutions, contact us on – 0800 019 7311 or email us on –

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