How we used our innovation to enhance a nationally famous brand

It was the renowned American economist and academic Theodore Levitt who once said: “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

Having built our reputation as one of the country’s leading independent manufacturers of corrugated packaging solutions over the years, we’re rightly proud of the range of products and services we are able to offer our valued customers.

However, we’re firmly of the belief that if you’re standing still you’re moving backwards and that’s why we always strive to do more, bring new offerings to market and, ultimately, enhance what our customers can do – because if our solutions are first class, that’s reflected on our clients too.

With that in mind, we were delighted to accept a challenge put forward by Utopia Tableware – a client of nationally-renowned John Smiths Brewery – who tasked us with creating a new box incorporating John Smith’s famous branding which would help them stand out from the crowd.

They wanted their cardboard design to be printed on white ink to create a unique look, rather than using the traditional, widely used primed and coloured process.

They put their confidence in us to deliver something vibrant, innovative and new. Here are three of the reasons why we successfully met the challenge:


Our relentless drive to innovate and create new solutions meant we were well prepared to meet this challenge. In fact, we had recently installed a new Flexo Folder Gluer machine in our factory.

After a few trials, we were able to use our new technology to produce boxes with the two-colour print white, incorporating a barcode on the reverse of the box, to meet Utopia’s exacting specification.


We are nothing without our customers and we take the time to really understand who they are, what they do and what they need so that, through collaboration, we can ensure that we pick the most appropriate and beneficial solution from our extensive range of packaging options.


While we strive to innovate and keep an eye on the future, we are also proud of our past and present – which has seen us as a team amass decades worth of experience and knowledge; making it no surprise that we’re recognised as leaders in our field.

However, the proof is ultimately in the pudding and we were delighted with the feedback we received from Utopia Tableware, who said that the product we supplied them was “great”, “definitely fit for purpose” and that they were “really pleased with the product.”

Mark Wilcockson, our Managing Director, added: “In all the 20 years of manufacturing printed boxes we surprisingly have never attempted to run this type of print on brown board. We are delighted with the results and think it looks great.

“With the success of this process, going forward we will be looking to encourage further clients towards this style of print, as it enables the brand to stand out on the brown material giving off an earthy recycled type of look to the packaging.

“This is a whole new venture for us and having the belief in the product and that it will work has played a huge part in the success of this type of print and we are very pleased with the finished product.”

We’re growing our capabilities to help businesses stand out from the crowd and we would love to help you do the same. Contact our friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated team today to find out how we can make our in-house services enhance your business.

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