How our ‘Corri’ packing range can help businesses reduce their impact on the environment

As the world tackles the problem of single-use plastics, more businesses are looking at ways to remove it from their packaging altogether — thereby reducing their environmental impact.

At The Corrugated Case Company, we are always striving to find ways of reducing the need for single-use plastics and polystyrene, as well as cutting down on overall plastic waste.

For starters, our material sourcing policies ensure that at least 96% of all the materials we use in our products have been recycled, supplied from sustainably managed sources. Additionally, 100% of our own generated waste is recycled and placed back into the supply chain.

Like many of our customers, we’re incredibly passionate about doing our bit for the planet. It’s just one of the many reasons so many businesses across the UK choose CCC as their supplier of choice. We all share the same values, and through our combined sustainability efforts, we all want to make a positive difference.

To that end, we’re very excited to introduce the ‘Corri’ packing range.

Our design team have been working hard to develop packing alternatives that are easier on the environment. In fact, we were so pleased with what they came up with that we developed an entire range.


The Corri Edge was designed to provide additional protection to products in transit. Made from corrugated cardboard, it is a recyclable alternative solution to polystyrene packaging. As polystyrene cannot be recycled, it presents an issue of wastage if damaged.

Another advantage of using cardboard is that it is customisable. Thanks to our in-house flexographic printing capabilities, we're able to produce Corri Edge units that display the product manufacturer's / shipping company's branding throughout.


Similar to Corri Edge, Corri Corner's intended purpose is to provide further protection and additional utility to our customers' products. Much like all our packing and packaging solutions, the Corri Edge and Corner units can be configured from a variety of different material options, making them ideal for lightweight and heavy-duty purposes. This not only ensures durability but also quick and convenient assembly in under 10 seconds.


We all love to pop plastic bubble wrapping, but the implications of excess plastic waste are an unacceptable trade-off for protecting your goods in transit. It’s thought that the UK generates around 960,000 tonnes of plastic packing waste per year — of which bubble wrap makes up a large percentage (source.

Corri Bubble is a cardboard-based alternative to plastic bubble wrapping. It provides the same durability and protection but uses materials that are considerably more environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Integrate the Corri packing range within your business and reduce the overall impact your organisation has on the environment. All of our products can be made bespoke to your requirements.

If you require a sample of any of our products, speak to our sales team today. Alternatively, you can leave a message on our contacts page and a member of our team will come back to you.

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