The best duo since Gin & Tonic: CCC & Dog and Spoon Distillery

Ok we’ll admit, “CCC & Dog and Spoon Distillery” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue quite as easily as “Gin & Tonic”, but the juicy details of this new partnership might leave you thirsting for a taste of the newly launched Science Project 6a, Dog and Spoon Distillery’s classic hand crafted gin.

When Seb and Tony, founders of Derbyshire-based Dog and Spoon Distillery, set out to create their maiden product, they had three main criteria for its packaging: It needed to be sturdy. It needed to be eco-friendly. It needed to create an experience.

Enter: Corrugated Case Company!

Specialising in the manufacture of plastic-free product packaging that’s built to last and create an impact, CCC were perfectly placed to design a solution that protected the precious 70cl bottles of deliciousness.


An easy-to-construct, folded cardboard mould creates a perfect fit for the gin bottle to safely nestle inside, before sliding effortlessly into a reinforced cardboard outer casing.


Completely, 100%, (yes, totally) plastic free! This packaging is lightweight and compact enough to save on shipping costs, and fully recyclable, making it eco-friendly in more ways than one.


Cardboard doesn’t need to be ugly! In fact, the very opposite has happened with this project. With a repeating logo pattern inside and snazzy outer casing that’s flawlessly on-brand, one customer even exclaimed, “It’s so beautiful that I can’t recycle it! I’m keeping mine for a future upcycling project.”

Tony, co-founder of Dog and Spoon Distillery, had this to say for himself:

“Every bottle of our Science Project 6a Gin is packaged and delivered in plastic free, lightweight, recyclable packaging. Our friends, just down the road at Corrugated Case Company did an amazing job producing our custom boxes.”

Taking a matter of weeks from initial brief to final delivery, we at Corrugated Case Company feel honoured and excited to have been a part of Dog and Spoon Distillery’s first product launch, and super proud to be in cahoots with another local business.

Now, we’re off to crack open the gin to celebrate…

Check out some of the brilliant stuff our sister company, Deckle & Chop, have been constructing for Dog and Spoon Distillery too!

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