Ch Ch Changes at CCC

The Company is delighted to announce the appointment of Mike Hartley as our new Managing Director effective from the 16th August 2021.

Mike only joined the Company in early ’21 as our Sales Director but it soon became apparent that his wealth of experience in our sector was just as valuable to the Company as his unquestioned sales expertise. This appointment and reorganisation of duties will allow us to pursue a slightly different approach going forwards than was our original plan and which will much better position us to implement our expansion plans ahead of schedule.

To accommodate Mike’s appointment I will now assume the position of CEO and Tony Hession will assume the role of Company Chairman.

Mike will assume some of both Tony and I’s day to day duties whilst retaining his interest and involvement with several key client accounts. I will also retain my interest in my own key clients whilst also assuming some of Tony’s day to day reasonability’s.

Tony will be reducing his day to day involvement in the business and will now solely focus on ensuring our business strategy and market opportunities can be maximised.

We all look forward to the new challenges ahead.

Mark Wilcockson CEO

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