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We’re delighted to announce yet another capital investment that demonstrates our commitment to align ourselves with the growth in online packaging and e-commerce products, a Fidia Ortiga A7 Taping Machine.

This stand-alone machine allows us to apply double-sided tape, tear tape and silicone tape to your corrugated packaging.

This additional investment will help us broaden our offering and give us the much needed capacity to keep pace with the demand for mail order and e-commerce packaging. It complements our manufacturing portfolio and provides us with the opportunity to offer a more extensive and wider range of packaging designs and solutions to our ever growing customer base. The online retail market is as fervent as ever since COVID and it’s important that we are equipped to offer all options to our customer base.

Mike Hartley CCC’s Managing Director says “ in the last 2 years we have seen unparalleled demand for online packaging, we see two distinctive streams with some customers requiring the wow factor of having high quality graphics printed both inside and outside of the case that are easy to open yet returnable, we also see more customers looking for a generic ‘off the shelf’ mailer, now being able to apply a self-seal and tear tape compliments our offering”



What does the taping machine actually do?



One of the big winners for Corrugated Case Company is that we now have the capability of providing bespoke cases with 2 tape strips! It presents a secure delivery, in tandem with straightforward 100% returnable packing. It’s not just about business here at Corrugated Case Company, we also want to be as environmentally friendly as possible.



The taping machine provides a flexible combination on both the type and the length of taping applications. The position of the taping on the new machine is also very accurate, so there would be no worries when taping up your box.




We couldn’t go without mentioning the great style possibilities.  These include crash lock bases, MPG ( Multi-Point Glued ) bases for pop up boxes and many other ranges of eCommerce designs. Basically, presentation-wise, we can cater to all our customers’ needs.

Furthermore, don’t forget that we also have the ability to print on both faces for the wow factor.

Our door is always open to anyone at the Corrugated Case Company, conventional customers, trade and merchant suppliers alike.


What are the technical aspects of the taping machine?


This taping machine has many technical features, therefore, it has revolutionised our offerings.


– a 15mm PET film with high tack adhesive with a 20mm oversized white paper liner.
– You can apply up to 2meters in one blank strip!

Other features of the machine include, but not limited to,

– 6mm PP tape
– a minimum blank board size (post diecut): 300mm x 200mm
– a maximum blank board size (post diecut): 2000mm x 1200mm
– high speeds of up to 3000 boxes per hour

Are there any other benefits to ordering from Corrugated Case Company?


The benefits of a taping machine compliment high-quality printing and branding graphics that are pleasing to the eye, secure and well presented. We can always go the extra mile to develop bespoke designs to suit your requirements.

The taping application allows you to speed up any packing line due to the advantage of easy fast assembly, in a well presented strong secure pack all with great environmental credentials  ….  and offers easy return if necessary.


Where next?


Head over to the products page of course! We know you’re itching to see what all the fuss is about…

All our boxes can be made and delivered bespoke to your requirements, provide value for money and by being FSC accredited we’re very much in Sir David Attenborough’s good books.

We hope to hear from you soon… 👇



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