Tri-Wall Limited UK acquires The Corrugated Case Company

Brilliant news at the CCC HQ this month, all our business activities are now being acquired by Tri-Wall UK Ltd. With discussions being made months in the making, we are delighted to finally make this announcement.

Welcoming our new owner, we want to remain with our same business values, ethics, and values to offer huge financial success in the future.

Everything will remain the same with daily activities and both the staff and customers will see little to no change in the business!

Who are Tri-Wall UK Ltd?

Part of the Rengo Group, Tri-Wall is a £4.6 billion publicly owned company based on the Japanese stock exchange – With Rengo being one of the biggest packaging companies in the world, this is a great opportunity to expand the Corrugated Case Company into something huge!

Our commitment to developing and growing as a company has always been a priority and we will continue to do so with our customers and staff support – as well as helping Tri Wall UK Ltd reach its full potential by committing to the expansion and geographical coverage of the UK.

We are looking forward to the future and the next chapter for the company. Looking backwards it is important for us to thank you sincerely for the part you have played in the development and success that CCC have achieved over the years, it has, is and always will be very much appreciated!


All the best,


The Corrugated Case Company

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