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We pride ourselves on being environmentally focused, adopting greener ethics in everything we do, ensuring our footprint remains minimal while maximising the ways we can benefit the world around us.

Nothing is more important than the sustainability of our natural world. That’s why we’ve taken every consideration to ensure our processes, our suppliers and all the materials we use in the manufacture of high-quality packaging does not compromise our focus on leaving the planet a richer, better place than how we found it.

By doing so, we’re not only able to maintain our own standards of environmental responsibility but also help our customers do the same.

In addition to using board made from recycled fibres, new material is ethically sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Our material suppliers have achieved The Carbon Trust Standard, the world’s first carbon award that requires an organisation to measure, manage and reduce its carbon footprint and actually make real reductions year-on-year.

In 2018, we successfully recycled 555 tonnes of cardboard waste. Beyond that, we’re continuously minimising our environmental impact in the following ways.


We are reducing our carbon foot print by utilising low energy LED lighting, and our “state of the art” solar panels generate around 25% of our energy usage.


Our Ink Kitchen processes around 1000 litres per day of waste ink wash-down, turning it into clean water that can be safely discharged to the sewer system.


With great organisation, we efficiently organise our fleets and group-deliver items to cut-down the amount of travel required, and therefore reduce CO2 emissions.


All of the board we use in our production is made from at least 90% recycled fibres, and 100% of our product can be recycled again and again.

All the products we manufacture are 100% recyclable and can be reintroduced through the supply chain. Any wastage is kept to an absolute minimum — using only the materials that are essential to the end product — and is carefully sorted, separated, and accumulated so we can re-use as much of it as possible.

  1. Our packaging products are manufactured in-house through environmentally-friendly means of production.

  2. Completed runs are then distributed to clients for a wide range of packing, shipping and promotional purposes.

  3. Discarded materials are then re-introduced to the supply chain to be used in the production of new corrugated products.

Total number of boxes produced in 2020:


The total tonnes of cardboard we have recycled

100% of our products can be recycled again.

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