Making boxes for everything you make

Whatever you manufacture, we can build the perfect box for it, making sure products remain safely and efficiently stored while streamlining supply chains and managing costs.

When manufacturers have gone to the effort to ensure 100% quality control in their methods of production, making sure the finished product arrives in store safely and efficiently is critical. This requires a packing and distribution boxes that not only keeps high-value contents secure at every level but also simplifies the rigours and complexities along the supply chain.

Based in the Midlands and at the heart of industrial manufacturing in the UK, we have developed considerable expertise in designing and developing tailored, cost-effective packaging solutions for all our clients — saving valuable warehouse space and costs while eliminating production delays to ensure continuity of supply to our client’s customers.

Sectors we work with

We work with businesses in every sector to meet their packaging needs in the most distinct, sustainable, and exceptional ways.

From local businesses to leading national brands,
we’ve supplied packaging solutions to a broad client portfolio.

Our other services

We offer a wide range of products and services that can be tailored to create the perfect packaging.

We’ve taken great care to ensure our impact on the environment remains minimal,
adopting greener ethics in everything we do.

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