With such a wide selection of material options to choose from, picking the right board grade is essential — ensuring the structural integrity, functionality, and visual presentation of your corrugated packaging remains optimal throughout its entire lifecycle.

Our team can help with your decision making on material based on your box requirements and its intended application. Whether it’s your primary goal to capture the attention of customers through striking imagery, safeguard valuable items during transportation, or both, we can provide a variety of corrugated materials best suited for the job.

Our standard corrugated material ranges from a thin E flute (1.5mm thick) to a more durable, double wall BC flute (7mm thick). We can provide a variety of board grades for each fluting from125 grams to 300-gram paper. If a specialist board grade is required, the materials you need can be responsibly sourced from one of our trusted suppliers.


E flute (1.6mm)

R flute (2.3mm)

B flute (3mm)

C flute (4mm)

EB flute (4.6mm)

BC flute (5-7mm)

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