Due to our latest investment, we can now apply a double-sided taping option to our portfolio when offering packaging solutions to our customer base.  The taping machine, a Fidia Ortigia A7 Taper enables us to manufacture bespoke packaging for the ever-growing online and e-commerce market. If you're looking for boxes that are quick to assemble, well presented, securely closed and possibly, more importantly, self-sealing if offering a returns service then our taping service could be exactly what you are looking for.

Our Taping Service

With the capability of applying 2 x tape strips, tear tape or silicone strips this provides us with the opportunity to offer a securely present bespoke returnable packaging solution.

We can offer a combination of your choice of either single- or double-sided tape reels, a 6mm plastics tear tape strip or silicon tape.

CCC Products and Services

With a broad offering of design possibilities, our on-site Design Team can develop packs from internationally recognised FEFCO designs to bespoke configurations to suit your needs, we can assist with the design, material board grade specification, high-quality printing, internal fittings if required, and the external presentation of your e-commerce packaging.

Trade enquiries are also very much welcomed as we recognise the growing demands for this type of finishing process.


Technical features

       Tape capabilities: any combination of single- or double-sided tape reels & 6mm plastics tear tape strip

       15mm PET film with high tack adhesive, with a 20mm oversized white paper liner.

       Applying up to 2m in any one blank strip

       6mm PP tape

       Min Blank Board size (post diecut) : 300mm x 200mm

       Max Blank Board size (post diecut) : 2000 x 1200mm

       High speeds of up to 3000 boxes per hour

Our other services

We offer a wide range of products and services that can be tailored to create the perfect packaging.

From local businesses to leading national brands,
we’ve supplied packaging solutions to a broad client portfolio.

Sectors we work with

We work with businesses in every sector to meet their packaging needs in the most distinct, sustainable, and exceptional ways.

We’ve taken great care to ensure our impact on the environment remains minimal,
adopting greener ethics in everything we do.

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